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World’s best center forward Lewandowski

World's best center forward Lewandowski

Polish star Robert Lewandowski has been named the world’s best center forward by Bayern Munich chairman Kal Heinz Rummenig.

Bayern ended the Bundesliga season with a 4-0 win over Wolfsburg on Saturday. Lewandowski scored a goal from the penalty spot in the second half of the match. Before the last match, Bayern had secured the eighth title in the Bundesliga. Lewandowski scored the 34th goal of the season by scoring from the penalty spot.

“To score 34 goals in a single Bundesliga season is a really great achievement,” Rumenig said on Bayern Munich’s official website. I would like to congratulate and thank Robert Lewandowski for this. He is the best center forward in the world.

This is the fifth time in the Bundesliga that Liwanodowski has been the top scorer. The Polish star is the third-highest goal scorer in the history of the Bundesliga with 236 goals. He is preceded in death by two players – Thomas Mueller and Schalke star Klaus Fisher.

Bayern ended the 2019-20 Bundesliga season with 82 points from 34 matches. Second-placed Borussia Dortmund has 69 points. Arab Leipzig is in third place with three points behind.

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