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Spanish La Liga starts tonight

Spanish La Liga starts tonight

La Liga returns to the field tonight (June 11) after a long three months. Sevilla will face Real Betis in the return match. Real Betis will host Sevilla at 2 pm.

However, the suspended Catalan giants Barcelona’s suspended league football campaign is starting on 13 June. The return match will be hosted by Argentine superstar Lionel Messi’s Bar মাঠেa at Real Mallorca. Barca will face Leganes on June 17 at the Nou Camp.

Spain’s top football tournament is set to resume on Thursday with a match between Sevilla and Real Betis. The game starts at 2 am Bangladesh time.

Barcelona, ​​the current champions of the league, will take to the field of Real Mallorca, which is at number 18 in the points list, at 2 am on Saturday. The next day at 11:30 pm, Leganসেরs will face Real Madrid, the most successful club in Spain.

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The 2019-20 season of French Ligue 1 has been canceled among the top five leagues in Europe. However, last month, the German Bundesliga started as the first top league with strict rules. La Liga is returning in the same way, with different kinds of obligations.

Due to the global epidemic, La Liga has not played a match since March 12.

A total of 28 rounds of games have been held. There are 11 more matches left for the 20 participating teams. The league authorities want to end the event by organizing these matches in a little over a month.

Lionel Messi’s Barcelona is at the top of the list with 56 points. Sergio Ramos’ Real is in second place with 2 points less.

Barারa’s Argentine forward Messi is leading the race to become the top scorer in La Liga this season. He is at the top of the list with 19 goals. Real’s French striker Karim Benzema is in second place with 14 goals.

The rest of the league matches will be played in a stadium without spectators. Besides, some new stadiums will also be seen. Real will use the Alfredo di Stefano training ground as their home ground for the rest of the season as renovations continue at the Santiago Bernabeu.

In La Liga, as in the German Bundesliga and the Italian Serie A, the number of substitutes has been increased from three to five. Players must be tested for coronavirus within 24 hours of the start of the match. The visiting team will travel to the stadium on two buses to maintain social distance. They will use special flights and hotels. The host players will arrive on the field in their own cars.

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