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Sabrina Ionescu is ready to attract attention in the WNBA draft

Sabrina Ionescu is ready to attract attention in the WNBA draft

Sabrina Ionescu of Oregon is defined to be the middle of focus in Friday’s WNBA Virtual Draft because coaches and players stay behind closed doors beneath the coronavirus pandemic which forced the postponement of the following league season.

The very first NCAA player to score 2,000 career points, 1,000 rebounds and 1,000 aids, Ionescu is almost sure to become the No. 1 overall selection, together with the overdue Lakers’ good disciple Kobe Bryant poised to turn into power in the league.

“She’s all you need from the ability set, but the number 1 thing people talk about is her disposition and aggressive fire.” ESPN Analyst and Hall of Fame member Rebecca Lobo told reporters on Monday. “That’s exactly what can divide the greats.”

The guard is expected to land with the New York Liberty, which limped to a 10-24 record last season and is looking to rebuild at its new home at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Liberty head coach Walt Hopkins praised the 22-year-old for her “phenomenal,quot; leadership skills.

“She is not someone who just steps back and says what to do: she will take on her teammates, but she is constructive and her body language can be seen as they take that feedback,” Hopkins told reporters.

“It’s not easy being that kind of leader because you have to be doing everything you say to have credibility.”

Ionescu’s coronation will occur as much of the professional sports world is on hold and with the annual NCAA tournament removed from the calendar last month, leaving one less chance for less appreciated players to distinguish themselves.

“Usually at this time of year, when we talk to coaches or general managers, there are one or two players they talk about: their draft stocks skyrocketed during the course of the NCAA tournament,” Lobo said. “We didn’t have the opportunity to see those players or to have those experiences.”

“There is always a player who can leave his mark in the great moments and we missed all that.”

The WNBA earlier this month announced that it would delay the start of its regular season, which was originally scheduled to run from May 15 to September 20 due to the coronavirus.

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