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Red Sox Steve Pearce Rips MLB Probe “Joke” and Announces Retirement

Former World Series MVP Steve Pearce tore up the MLB investigation into allegations that the Red Sox illegally stole signs during their 2018 championship season.

“It’s such a joke for us,” Pearce WEEI radio said Tuesday. When it came out, we were all joking about it. We just want it to pass. We won it just and square. Whatever they accuse us of, we were all like, “I can’t believe this is even a problem.” Once the report is published, we will all be free. “

Pearce also announced his retirement in the interview after a 10-year career in which he played for seven teams, including the Yankees in 2012.

The 37-year-old was traded in mid-season in 2018 from the Blue Jays to the Red Sox and played in the playoffs with three circuits while driving eight times in the Boston World Series’ win against the Dodgers.

Major League Baseball has not yet released its findings on allegations that the Red Sox illegally stole signs electronically during the 2018 season. Commissioner Rob Manfred previously said he would release the results when the season could safely resume due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the fallout from sign theft has already happened with the MLB which is conducting a similar investigation into the Astros sign theft scandal that occurred during their 2017 championship season. The MLB has suspended the general manager of ‘Astros Jeff Luhnow and director AJ Hinch for a year after the league released its findings in January. Luhnow and Hinch were quickly sacked by the Astros.

Alex Cora, who was a bench coach with the Astros in 2017 and led the Red Sox in the World Series in 2018, agreed to separate from the Boston organization on January 14.

“You don’t like it, especially since we were the champions and individually, I have this award,” said Pearce. “And we have it floating over our heads when we have just had such an incredible season. We had a perfect team and great camaraderie with everyone, then this is rejected here, ”said Pearce. “We are just like,” What is that? “… We just want to get over it. We just want to play baseball. Another bump on the road, I guess.”

Pearce suffered injuries last season and only beat .180 in 29 games with the Red Sox. His 2018 post-season heroism was applauded by acting manager Ron Roenicke, who was a bench coach for the championship team, during a conference call with reporters on Tuesday.

“What Steve did for us in 18 was pretty incredible,” he said. “He got into a situation where we were playing very well, and sometimes it’s difficult to come to a team where you don’t know a lot of guys and where you are. From the start, from the first game he played, he adapt to great. His personality worked very well, then what he did on the field was exceptional. “

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