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Raiders trust Derek Carr after Tom Brady’s snob

Raiders trust Derek Carr after Tom Brady’s snob

The Raiders don’t look back after missing the biggest prize from the NFL free agency.

Managing Director Mike Mayock told reporters on a conference call Tuesday that the team feels, “really good at the quarterback position”, entering its inaugural season in Las Vegas.

“We like what we have at Derek Carr,” said Mayock.

Some have speculated that the Raiders will chase the Patriots’ long-time quarterback Tom Brady earlier in the off-season. The team would not be willing to match the high price charged for the 43-year-old future caller, who signed a $ 50 million, two-year, fully guaranteed contract with the Buccaneers.

Instead, they made a pick for 2015’s No. 2 overall pick, Marcus Mariota, which the Titans established for Ryan Tannehill in week 6. Mariota finished the season with 1,203 yards, seven touchdowns, two interceptions and a completion of 59.4 the worst of his career. percentage.

He signed a $ 17.6 million two-year contract with the Raiders on March 25.

In pursuing Mariota, as an expensive insurance policy for Carr, the Raiders demonstrated their continued commitment to their second-round pick of 2014, which is in the fourth year of a $ 125 million contract extension on five years, which he signed in 2017.

The sixth-year quarterback had 22,793 yards, 143 touchdowns and a completion percentage of 64.2 over his career. Instead of praising one of his best seasons with the team, Oakland fans whistled and dumped trash on the field in the Raiders’ last home game on December 16, a brutal loss of 20 -16 against the Jaguars.

“I can’t wait to take the first photo of this stadium,” Carr told ESPN amid Brady’s rumors in January at the Raiders’ renaming ceremony. “And I can’t wait to take every photo from here until I’m done.”

The Raiders also have quarterbacks Nathan Peterman, 25, and DeShone Kizer, 24, currently enrolled.

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