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Patriots May Exchange NFL Draft For Brady’s Successor

Patriots May Exchange NFL Draft For Brady’s Successor

The Patriots landed the flight in the history of their sport, hooking Tom Brady with the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL Draft. Two decades later, New England seems unlikely to sit around and wait for Brady’s successor to fall on his lap.

Although the Patriots – who hold the 23rd overall choice – are currently far beyond the four-quarter landing in the first round (Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert and Jordan Love), the network insider NFL Ian Rapoport thinks that Bill Belichick could trade to pick up one of the elite prospects.

“The Patriots are going to take a quarterback, probably with a premium choice”, Rapoport said on The Rich Eisen Show. “I just imagine it’s not the choice they currently have.”

Several scenarios appear in play. Love would be the easiest to land by potentially swapping a handful of choices, but New England could also go back for several choices – the Patriots have no second-round choice – and try to replicate their success in writing Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round in 2014, perhaps via Jacob Eason from Washington.

Another option is to pass the torch to Jarrett Stidham, who was selected in the fourth round last year, but only threw four assists as a rookie replacement for Brady.

“I understand they look a lot like Stidham. They think its potential is great, “said Rapoport. “There is a lot of positivity and a lot to like, but they don’t really know. He never did … I don’t think they go into the project saying,” We have Stidham. We are good. “

For now, Rapoport predicts that 34-year-old Brian Hoyer – who joined New England for his third visit last month – will be the starter every time the season begins.

“But it’s something that will constantly evolve as we approach next season,” said Rapoport.

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