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No NFL team has an advantage yet

No NFL team has an advantage yet

This is essentially Joe Judge’s message to anyone who thinks that he and the Giants are at a disadvantage in the face of an offseason and an upcoming NFL draft during a global pandemic.

With the facilities of closed teams and players scattered across the country, it would make sense that NFL teams with former coaches and veteran quarterbacks have an advantage, with so much virtual learning going on and no possibility of ” bring players to the field for instruction. .

The 38-year-old judge is a head coach for the first time and his quarterback Daniel Jones is entering his second season in the NFL. If this puts the Giants behind other teams, this is news for the judge.

“Look, I think the benefit is the one who is best prepared from now on,” the judge said Wednesday in a conference call from his home in Massachusetts. “I don’t think an established program will have an advantage over anyone. This is how you can find a way to communicate with your players and send a message. Whether you’ve been in the program for years or not, everyone has changed their system, everyone has changed what they are going to do during the off-season. They are going to have the same challenges of communicating with their players. “

These are unprecedented moments for everyone, including football coaches. The judge said the Giants had long anticipated and formulated emergency plans currently in place.

“All that concerns us in this part is to lay the foundations by all means that end up being so,” said the judge. “We have been preparing for this for some time now, so that these meetings become virtual, communicating with our players via the conditioning program, having everything in place so that we can work with them.”

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