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Messi will play in La Liga from the very beginning

Messi will play in La Liga from the very beginning

Lionel Messi has been rested after suffering an injury in practice on Tuesday. He did not join the practice for two more sessions. The news spread that the Barcelona captain could not play against Mallorca. However, Kiki Setien confirmed two days before the match against Mallorca on the 14th, there is no doubt about Messi’s game.

‘There was no doubt about getting Messi with Mallorca. She’s fine now. Was at rest with caution. Many others like him have been in trouble since the game started after a long time. Otherwise, if the players are pressured unnecessarily, they may be dropped from the field for two weeks. Two, three weeks means four of the remaining 11 matches in the league will not be played then. ‘- Barcelona coach Kiki Setien has assured Messi that he is OK.

However, Setien has not confirmed whether Luis Suarez will return after Messi returns. The Uruguayan season was over after an injury. However, the calculation has changed in an unexpected break. Suarez also returned to practice. “We have to talk about whether he will be in the XI or not,” he said. After all this time, if he gets on the field, the whole 90 minutes of play can be hard for him. ‘

The Bundesliga was the first to return to Europe. Only France has been eliminated from the top five. Setien, however, once thought that the consequences could be the same as in France, ‘now the infection rate in Spain is lower. I talked to other coaches when I heard that La Liga would return. Then a different kind of fear was at work. Now, of course, the situation is better. We are also inspired to watch the Bundesliga. But at one time it seemed like we would have the same fate as France. ‘In La Liga, Barcelona is two points ahead of Real Madrid. 11 matches left in the league. Real Madrid will also take the field on the same day after Barcelona.

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