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Marcus Stroman of the Mets wants to beat NASCAR’s Kyle Larson for using N-word

Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman wants to hit the NASCAR driver who uttered a racial slur during the live broadcast of a virtual race.

NASCAR’s Kyle Larson apparently thought his audio was muted on Sunday when he used the word N on the famous video game streaming app Twitch during the iRacing sports series, which was created with real sports waiting at cause of coronavirus.

“Can’t you hear me?” Said Larson. “Hey (racial insult).”

It was then that one of the 61 pilots replied: “Kyle, you talk to everyone, buddy.” Another said, “No way, did it happen?”

Stroman, who is black and not afraid to speak out on social media, lambasted Larson on Tuesday.

“He should never be allowed to run at @NASCAR again,” the 28-year-old right-hander tweeted. “Said this derogatory word nonchalantly. Your apologies don’t matter.

“After the career … I’m going to fight this man in an @ufc charity event. He needs to beat his ass. I would love to hear him say that word in the octagon.”

It is not known how many fans were broadcasting the race at the time, but NASCAR has already suspended Larson, whose father is white and whose mother is Japanese-American.

27 years old apologized on monday, but was suspended “without pay while we work on this simulation with all parties concerned,” NASCAR said in a statement.

Larson said there was “no excuse” and that he “had not been raised this way”, while wishing everyone luck during the coronavirus pandemic.

When Larson’s suspension ends, he will have to find a new team.

Chip Ganassi Racing sacked Larson on Monday, who is considered one of the best sprint car racers in the country. Larson has also been abandoned by several sponsors, including McDonald’s, Credit One Bank and Clover.

Earlier this month, Bubba Wallace was abandoned by his godfather after becoming so enraged in a virtual race that he stopped early.

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