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Man City: Cas appeal against European ban to begin tomorrow

Man City: Cas appeal against European ban to begin tomorrow

Manchester City has been banned from all European competitions for two years. The hearing of the appeal against him will be held tomorrow at the Supreme Court Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS).

Between 2012 and 2016, Citi was fined 30 million euros in addition to the fine for violating the UEFA Financial Fair Play (FFP) Act.

In 2016, the German magazine Der Spiegel leaked a number of confidential e-mails. It was found that the city had earned extra money from various organizations for patronage which was inconsistent with the original revenue. Evidence has been found that Sheikh Mansoor, the owner of an Abu Dhabi-based club, was involved with City. Under Sheikh, City’s fortunes surpassed those of city rivals Manchester United. Citizens have won four Premier League titles in the last eight years. Despite spending billions on players and coaches, the Champions League title remains elusive.

The current English champions are still in the Champions League this season. However, this season is currently closed due to corona. UEFA has hinted at returning to the field in August.

However, the two-year ban from European competition has naturally tarnished the club’s tradition and prestige. That’s why the future of some key players, including manager Pep Guardiola, Kevin de Bruyne, and Rahim Sterling, is in doubt.

Citizens have been denying the allegations of UEFA from the very beginning. City Football Group chief executive Ferran Soriano said: “Experience has shown that politics is more important than justice in this allegation.”

UEFA has come under fire from La Liga president Javier Tevez for imposing such strict restrictions on the club. If UEFA loses in this case, the FFP law may be called into question in the future.

The hearing of the appeal due to coronavirus will be held from Monday to Wednesday via video conference. CAS Secretary-General Matthew Ribb said it was unlikely the verdict would be handed down immediately after the hearing. In this case, some announcements may be made in July. If City’s appeal fails, the English champions will be able to appeal to the Swiss Federal Court.

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