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Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp does not like the rules of the Premier League

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp does not like the rules of the Premier League

Israeli striker Ronni Rosendal, that came at Liverpool in March 1990, scored many goals to help the team win the title. In the long run, he didn’t acquire the title. At that moment, the principle was that in the event that you would like to have a medal, you need to play with 10 or more matches. He’s relaxed the rules somewhat and is now down to five games. It follows that people who don’t play with five or more games in the full year, their staff won’t win a trophy even when they win the English League title.

There is a lot of criticism about this. The Premier League authorities have unofficially introduced a rule to avoid this criticism. At the end of the season, they gave a total of 40 medals to the winning team. Now it is up to them to decide who will win the medal. However, it can be seen that the teams are keeping an eye on the number of matches played by dividing the 40 medals equally. And this rule is not liked by the German coach of the champion Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp.

The team has won the most admirable league after 30 years, and the club wants to reward those who have made the slightest contribution to the victory of this league. The club wants to make sure everyone gets at least one medal, “I don’t know who made these rules. If someone plays a match, he should be given a medal. If people don’t understand now, how much of a role the whole squad plays in winning a championship, then they can’t be told the truth. If you are the second goalkeeper of the winning team and play fewer matches than necessary, you should also get a medal. You should also get it if you practice with the team fifty million times throughout the year. You can’t win a title without practice. Someone said you have to play five matches to get a medal, is that it? ‘

Young stars like Nico Williams, Curtis Jones, Harvey Elliott have played two matches each. As a result, they are not yet eligible for the medal. Klopp will do his best to avoid such a situation. Give your own medal if needed, ‘100% sure my boys will all get medals. If necessary, I will give mine to them. Although it is not the rule. The Premier League should think a little more about this rule. ‘

Liverpool has secured the title with 7 matches in hand. There are still 6 matches in hand. If you want a club, you can give a chance to the players who have played less than five matches in these matches to get a medal though!

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