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Leicester City will not be able to play at home

Leicester City will not be able to play at home

Leicester City will not be able to play the remaining home matches of the English Premier League at home. The EPL authorities have taken this decision as the new coronavirus has spread in the city.

EPL chief executive Richard Masters confirmed the matter in an interview with the media. For now, they are thinking of setting up a neutral venue for them.

The whole world is affected by Kovid Nineteen. Somewhere this is decreasing, again it is increasing somewhere new. Absolutely not released in any way.

After overcoming hundreds of obstacles, the activities of the playground have started in this situation. Various leagues and tournaments are running according to various health rules. But even in those places, Corona’s terror is attacking from time to time.

One such incident took place in Leicester, England. Suddenly, the number of corona attacks in the city has increased. The local administration was forced to walk the path of lockdown again. But here is the danger.

A club in the city that is playing in the Premier League. Their home venue is King Power Stadium in the city. So what will be the future of the league match?

“We’re talking about a neutral venue,” said EPL chief executive Richard Masters. But no final decision has yet been made by Lester. However, we will not compromise on security issues. I told them to make a quick decision. Let’s see. A decision will be made before the next match. We don’t want to force anything. In case of a sudden change of venue, the financial capacity of the club should also be considered. If Leicester can’t make a decision, their matches will be postponed for now. Later, if the situation is normal, you can think about organizing.

The recent anti-apartheid movement was also discussed during the discussion on Lester. So the chief executive has to answer about the type of protest of the players.

“We are not encouraging any protest on behalf of political organizations,” he said. However, as a human being, it is normal to protest against this crime. We, therefore, took the matter as normal. For the first time, all the clubs, supporters, and footballers of EPL are working on one thing. What is there to not support it.

Leicester City is scheduled to take on Crystal Palace at home next Saturday.

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