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Jay Glazer’s “ big ” news about Brian Allen is furiously welcomed on Twitter

Jay Glazer’s “ big ” news about Brian Allen is furiously welcomed on Twitter

Jay Glazer tried to warn us.

“The news I have tonight is not transactional news, not a player swapped or signed,” Glazer tweeted Wednesday morning after saying that “big national news” was coming the night before.

The news, announced on Glazer’s “Fox Football Now” radio show, was that Rams center Brian Allen was the first NFL player to test positive for coronavirus. Fortunately, Allen seems to have recovered from the virus after a three-week battle, although he still has not regained his sense of taste and smell. Doctors warned him that they might not return for six to eight months, according to Glazer.

The reaction to this on Twitter was more anger at Glazer than compassion at Allen.

A brief sample of the responses:

“You are a joke.”

“I can’t believe I stayed until 11:00 for that.”

“What’s wrong with you. Treats news like that ??”

The bar is high for the latest news from Glazer. He may not break as much as Adam Schefter, but when he does, it’s usually meaningful. So, despite his warnings against his followers, many still expected the next big successful contract.

In an era without live sports, the NFL free agency and the next project are the only crumbs of sports activity that fans have had and are desperate for any more ideas.

And they will now have to wait.

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