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I never dreamed I would go to prison: Ronaldinho

I never dreamed I would go to prison: Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho, one of the best and most talented players in the history of Brazilian football, has to find people who are not fascinated by football magic. In addition to winning the 2002 World Cup, he was twice named FIFA Player of the Year and once held the Ballon d’Or. But whether a footballer with such immense talent was jailed for a crime, also because of a fake passport!

Ronaldinho was arrested on March 8 for entering Paraguay with a fake passport. His brother and business manager Roberto Assis were also arrested. The football world was shocked by their arrest. The former Brazilian Brazilian forward said so far, even he himself was shocked. He never dreamed that he would have to face such a situation.

His main purpose in coming to Paraguay was to open a casino and unwrap the book. Earlier, he was arrested for having a fake passport and had to go to jail. Ronaldinho and his brother were released on April 6, 32 days later. For this, they had to pay a ransom of ৭ 1.6 million or about 14 crore rupees.

Ronaldinho and Aces have not been fully released from prison. They will be held captive in a four-star hotel in the country’s capital, Asuncion until the trial is over. The Barাa legend has not said anything about his prison life so far. However, in the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic, he sat in a hotel room and gave an interview to a daily in Paraguay. There he spoke openly about his captivity.

Ronaldinho said: ‘I never dreamed I would face such a (prisoner) situation. I was shocked. I have tried to spend my whole life as a professional and have made people happy with my football skills. ‘

‘I came here through an organization. My main job was to open a casino and unwrap a book. The organization through which I came here was supposed to provide all our paperwork. But when I found out that our passports were fake, I was shocked ‘, he added.

Asked about the time he spent in jail, he said, ‘Everyone in jail drew me. That time is a part of my life. Playing football, giving autographs, taking pictures have all happened. But these were not very important, because those who are there (in prison) are having a hard time like me. But I will never forget or ignore this time.

Returning to the country, Ronaldinho said: “From the beginning, my lawyers wanted to convince the court that the documents were provided by all the invited institutions. I believed it would be proven in court. We hope everything goes well and we can return home. ‘

Ronaldinho’s popularity has not waned since he said goodbye to football in 2015. He has countless fans all over the world and therefore his value to the advertisers is outstanding. That’s why a casino owner in Paraguay invited him.

But a question is on the minds of many, Brazilians do not have to show any passport to enter Paraguay. So why was Ronaldinho given a fake passport? Even the lawyers of the two brothers have claimed that it is illegal to detain them in this way. So what’s the point? The answer to this question may be found at the end of the trial.

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