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Everyone will remember the days of COVID-19 forever: Messi

Everyone will remember COVID-19

Barcelona celebrity Lionel Messi has remarked that after the COVID-19 outbreak is finished, neither football nor life is going to be normal as before. COVID-19 has killed around 4 lakh people globally. The amount of deaths and deaths is growing daily. The French League One year was canceled.

All of the remaining games in most of the leagues are being or will probably be kept in stadiums without audiences. This manner, the type of financial loss the club, the contest, and most of those connected with you’re facing can not be cut. In a meeting, Messi explained: I do not think soccer could ever return to how it was.

But ordinary life is no more possible outside of soccer. In any event, this scenario has influenced the lives of all people. That’s the reason why everybody will recall these moments forever. This frustration won’t ever go away, particularly for people who have lost loved ones. I am convinced it is going to have a fantastic effect on soccer and all sorts of sports. Seconds are a bit harder for people who have spent on sports. We must return to competition and practice as a professional footballer. However, are we going to take the area under ordinary circumstances such as before? It is a wonderful situation for many footballers. Messi has also contributed money to his residence in charity and hospital in Argentina.

I’m fortunate to be in a position to do something for people who are constantly combating the virus in hospitals, wellness facilities, and maintenance homes,” he explained. A lot of individuals have been badly affected by the lockdown. Individuals have lost family members and friends who might not have been able to say goodbye soon. To me, it’s a really painful situation.

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