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Eli Manning could finally join Twitter during coronavirus lockout

Eli Manning could finally join Twitter during coronavirus lockout

Eli Manning obviously takes into account his presence on social networks.

Just over two months after his retirement and about a month after the start of New Jersey’s home order caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, Manning is apparently considering setting up a Twitter account. Former Giants teammate Lawrence Tynes went on Twitter to announce plans to force the newly retired quarterback into the social media scene, in which the 39-year-old father of four never really participated during his 16 seasons in New York.

“I had a very good text exchange with a friend of mine at QB telling him he should activate a Twitter account,” Tynes wrote on Tuesday, attaching a screenshot of his text conversation with Manning. “Here’s the answer, fingers crossed.”

“Come to think of it,” wrote Manning.

“Do it! You would go 1m instantly!” Replied the former kicker, referring to the number of followers that the double MVP of the Super Bowl would probably accumulate.

Why does Tynes want Manning so bad on Twitter?

“First question I get from Giants and non-Giants fans,” what does Eli look like? “He’s f – hilarious and awesome king, that’s right,” wrote Tynes. “The most competitive guy I’ve ever met. Giants fans love him, America would love Twitter Eli #GMEN.”

Just over an hour before Tynes published this conversation, Manning responded to his brother Peyton Manning’s “#ALLINCHALLENGE”, a celebrity-led fundraising initiative launched by fanatics to feed those in need. . In a video posted by SportsCenter, Manning revealed that he was offering a chance to own the convertible he had brought home after winning his Super Bowl XLVI MVP.

“What I’m going to do is, I’m actually going to deliver this, hand it over to anyone who wins it,” said Manning. “And we will have the opportunity to hang out a bit, chat, meet your friends and family, maybe go to lunch and maybe I’ll teach you how to handle this bad boy.”

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