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Dele Alli One match banned for making fun of Asian with COVID-19

Dele Alli One match banned for making fun of Asian with COVID-19

Tottenham Hotspur will return to the field next Friday amid the COVID 19 epidemic. The Spurs will face Manchester United at home in the league match that day. Tottenham is not getting midfielder Dale Alli in this match. Alli has been banned for one match for mocking an Asian online with the Kovid-19 virus.

He posted a video on Snapchat last February. Ali was waiting for a flight to Heathrow Airport in Dubai after wearing a face mask. Alli, who was standing next to him at the time, made a video explaining that he could be infected with the Asian Covid-19 virus. After showing that Asian on camera, a bottle of hand sanitizer is shown. Then Ali said, ‘The virus has to be fast to catch me.

Ali spoke to the English Football Association (FA) in a video hearing on Monday. The 24-year-old chose the man in the video as “just Asian” because there is an idea that Asians are more prone to corona, according to the FA. Although Ali countered, he did not make the video by taunting the Asian. Just kidding. There the ethnic characteristics of that man are ‘irrelevant.’

The FA said yesterday that Ali would be banned from one match as well as fined and re-admitted to the training course.

Ali defended himself, saying he had been “betrayed” by a friend. That friend sold his personal Snapchat video. Alli also apologized for deleting the video from a group of 160 close friends. She told the FA she chose him in the video because she was coughing, not because of the man’s ethnicity.

The three-member FA commission thinks Alli subconsciously did the job by linking Asians and Corona. Asian means the risk of corona! However, the FA has not made any allegations of racism against him for telling the truth.

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