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Advice to MLB fans looking to refund their tickets in a coronavirus

Advice to MLB fans looking to refund their tickets in a coronavirus

First, keep those tickets, or those StubHub emails, or whatever proof of purchase you plan to attend a Major League baseball game in 2020.

After that? Hold on, period. Hold on through uncertainty. A certainty should arrive next month. We will insist on that, right?

The MLB season would have three weeks Thursday without the closure of COVID-19, and each passing day brings a slew of new contests postponed. Which in turn creates hundreds of thousands of unused tickets that instantly enter limbo.

They are in limbo because these games are not technically canceled. On the contrary, they are postponed because Commissioner Rob Manfred has not officially ruled out the possibility, even if it seems completely impossible, of a standard season of 162 games.

This position legally protects baseball. Morally… let’s face it, the teams ‘view of keeping their clients’ money when many of these clients are experiencing economic hardship – and we can all see that a full schedule doesn’t happen – isn’t great .

The teams do not appear to be criticized by fans for reimbursement. For now, understand the rules of the day. Club sales teams, working remotely and with no inventory to sell, check long-term membership holders, a good business tactic. Many fans – preoccupied with health, financial, or a combination of the two – surely wish to have time to sweat the fate of their tickets.

The fate of baseball 2020, like virtually everything else on the planet, remains in serious question. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the universally respected infectious disease expert who is part of the White House coronavirus working group, conducted a Snapchat interview in which he believed that sports could return to the United States if they are played in empty stadiums and with teams quarantined in hotels. .

This is why officials from the MLB and the Players Association discussed the “Arizona Plan” – with the 30 clubs located in a biosphere in the Grand Canyon State and using the many baseball fields in the Phoenix area, without crowds – most seriously of all scenarios. Whether the coastline is clear enough for paid fans to attend the games, or for teams other than the Diamondbacks to return home during the season, must be set down as another stranger, but let’s be honest and recognize that New York looks like least to the places. likely to host a sporting event in 2020.

Of course, if a full schedule occurs in empty ball parks, this would result in the sale of zero tickets and require MLB to formulate a repayment / credit plan similar to the lack of a season.

Normally, rare cancellations do not necessarily imply a refund. Last year, only one game was canceled, rain in late September erased the tilt between the horrible Tigers and the ugly White Sox in Chicago. The Chisox offered its fans the opportunity to exchange their credit for a future game, and you heard nary peep.

This year will certainly be very different. Common sense says that the clubs will work together, under the direction of the commissioner’s office, to care for their customers in a way that is sensitive and appropriate to the mood of the time.

When? Well, this voluntary national shutdown, recommended by President Trump, lasts until April. The president said on Wednesday that we will receive advice on a game plan for the month of May, and that should at least lighten the game, if only to let us know that nothing will happen on this front before June.

With this light should come the heat on all sports to begin to understand certain things. This vast program should include a resolution on tickets which obviously will not and cannot be used this year.

So hold on and hang in there. If you are going through really difficult times and want to get your money back immediately, contact the local team and plead your case. If you just want answers, join the club. Let’s have our next club meeting on May 1st. Our agenda will include a polite but firm request from the MLB and its teams for clarity.

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